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CAWL TO ARMS is a brand new, unique, action-packed, adrenaline-inducing Co-Ed sport in which teams of students from rival schools around the country face one another in exciting and grueling matches to find the most powerful male and female collegiate arm wrestlers in America! The winning team will be named the inaugural 2014 CAWL TO ARMS GRAND CHAMPIONS…and split $10,000 in cash!

Throughout the competition, team members’ classmates will be on the sidelines screaming for their favorite students as they pump up intensity levels to extreme proportions. Long-held rivalries will reignite and school spirit will be abundant…getting each student’s competitive juices flowing to the max during all of the explosive action!

This one-of-a-kind, hard-hitting College Arm Wrestling show will feature four teams with four members on each team (2 males and 2 females) as they go head-to-head (and arm-to-arm) with team members from rival schools.

Each of the teams will be a part of the new College Arm Wrestling League (also known as the new CAWL). The CAWL will crown a new winning team on an annual basis.

The show’s inaugural season will last for three episodes. The first two will be 30 minutes in length and feature the openings rounds…while the FINALS will be in a special hour long third episode.

Four teams will be divided into two brackets to form the CAWL. For the 2014 season, those match-ups will be between students from:

Bracket 2013

Each male on each team will face each male on the opposing team once with each arm…for a total of 8 matches. Each female on each team will also face each female on the opposing team once with each arm…for a total of 8 more matches.

Each of those matches will be worth 5 points apiece.

Once those 16 matches conclude, there will be a TRIPLE BONUS ROUND consisting of 2 final matches: one between the best guys on each team and one between the best girls on each team. Each of those matches will be worth 15 points a piece.

It gets tougher, though, in our Championship Final Round! One team must win BOTH matches to be awarded the points. If there’s a split, then the team who scores the fastest pin will receive the full 30 points.

The referee will flip a coin to decide which arm the students will have to use in each TRIPLE BONUS Match.

The team with the most points at the end of all 16 regular matches and The TRIPLE BONUS ROUND will be declared the winners.

If, however, the two opposing teams are tied in points at the end of all 16 regular matches and The TRIPLE BONUS ROUND, then the team who’s member scored the FASTEST win in The TRIPLE BONUS ROUND will be declared the winner.

Once a team is officially declared that episode’s winner, it will move on to the finals (i.e. Episode 3) in the hopes of being declared the 2014 CAWL TO ARMS GRAND CHAMPIONS…and winning $10,000 in cash to split among the members of the team!!

The losing team in each bracket will take home consolation prizes.

The show will not just be a “wake-up call” to all sports fans, it’ll be a national…



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