CAWL TO ARMS Tournament Official Rules**

1. There will be no time limit on each match and no weight classes in the sport.
2. Each win will be worth 5 points.
3. Each loss will be worth 0 points.
4. There will be 2 males and 2 females on each team.
5. Each male on each team will face each male on the opposing team once with each arm…for a total of 8 matches.
6. Each female on each team will face each female on the opposing team once with each arm…for a total of 8 more matches.
7. Once those 16 matches conclude, there will be a TRIPLE BONUS ROUND consisting of
2 final matches: one between the best guys on each team and one between the best girls on each team.  Each of those matches will be worth 15 points a piece. It gets tougher, though, in our Championship Final Round! One team must win BOTH matches to be awarded the points. If there’s a split, then the team who scores the fastest pin will receive the full 30 points.
8. The referee will flip a coin to decide which arm the students will have to use in each TRIPLE BONUS Match.
9. The team with the most points at the end of all 16 regular matches and The TRIPLE BONUS ROUND will be declared the winners.
10. If, however, the two opposing teams are tied in points at the end of all 16 regular matches and The TRIPLE BONUS ROUND, then the team who’s member scored the FASTEST win in The TRIPLE BONUS ROUND will be declared the winner.
11. As for the matches themselves, at the start of each contest, each competitor’s shoulders must be square to the table in an upright position with their elbows firmly planted in the elbow pads.  If the elbow leaves the elbow pad at anytime, the referee may call a foul if an unfair advantage is gained.  If the foul occurs in a losing position, the match is awarded to the other competitor.  If no advantage is gained, the match will be allowed to continue.  If the foul is called on a competitor in a winning position, the match will be restarted.
12. Once the referee determines that the competitors are in proper position, he will say “READY, SET, GO”.  The word “GO” will signal the official start of the match.
13. Once any portion of a competitor’s hand hits the pin pad or if it breaks the plane of the pin pad on the opposite side of the table, the match will be over and the referee will declared a winner.
14. If at any point the referee feels that an opponent’s arm is positioned in such a way that it may get injured if the match continues, the referee has the power to stop the match and have the competitors restart from the initial upright position.
15. If the referee feels that either opponent has begun the match too soon, he may stop the match and have the competitors return to the initial upright position and restart the match.
16. Two false starts by any opponent constitute a foul.  Two fouls result in disqualification and the referee will award the match and the corresponding 5 points to the opposing team.
17. The team who wins the overall CAWL TO ARMS Tournament in Episode 3 will take home a Grand Prize of $10,000.  Losing teams will receive CAWL TO ARMS consolation prizes.

**All decisions made by the CAWL TO ARMS referee are final. 

**The rules are subject to change at any time without notice by NYC Brand Productions, LLC.


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