The Next Big College Sport: Arm Wrestling


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Yes folks, the year is 2014 and you can now watch college arm wrestling on national television.

Last week, collegiate sports history was made.

On Tuesday, May 13th, students from Penn State University faced a nefarious bunch from Rutgers in a battle of athleticism, wit and brute strength. In front of the entire country, or on ESPNU at least, the College Arm Wrestling League held it’s first match and our country’s next great college sport was born.

The team from Rutgers prevailed, 80-30. Rutgers, winners of the first intercollegiate football game, finally has some news from it’s athletic department that it can be proud of- probably for the first time since that college football game in 1869.

The College Arm Wrestling League’s inaugural season will be played in the form of a four-team, single-elimination tournament. Rutgers beat Penn State on one side of the bracket and on the other side…

UConn versus Syracuse! A rivalry renewed! Tonight, at 7pm on ESPNU, Connecticut takes on Syracuse with everything on the line: continued national exposure, pride and a chance to publicly humiliate Rutgers. What else could you ask for?

Reasons why the CAWL is a virtual lock to succeed:

It’s a 1-on-1 battle of brute strength- people love watching that kind of stuff. Like boxing but without the blood, sweat and tears. Or with it, who knows!
It’s Co-ed! That makes it Title IX friendly and promotes gender equality. Because who cares whether just your men or just your school’s women are good at a sport, right! It’s all about balance.
The potential storylines are endless- with interest for both male and female segments, CAWL is a crossover sports entertainment hit! Corporate sponsors will be all over this.
UConn’s prestigious position as a founding member of the CAWL will only further our national profile and is sure to help us gain entry into the Power 5. My sources are telling me that the next TV deal is expected to break records.

You can check out the league’s official website for more information including a little bit more about the honorable young men and women representing the University of Connecticut on the… table? We’ll have an open thread for it later tonight featuring an interview with the team captain!



Tune in TODAY at 12:45pm on ESPNU

Tune in TODAY, Friday, August 15, to ESPNU at 12:45pm to watch the College Arm Wrestling League Championship Semifinals featuring students from UConn, Syracuse, Rutgers and Penn State!

Tune in to the Championship Semifinals this Monday, August 11th, 12:45pm on ESPNU

Tune in to ESPNU this Monday – August 11th – 12:45pm ET. Watch guys and girls ‘grip it and rip it’ in the College Arm Wrestling Championship Semifinals!

Watch the Championship Semifinals this Tuesday, August 5th, 6:30pm on ESPNU

Tune in to ESPNU this Tuesday – August 5th – 6:30pm ET. Watch guys and girls ‘grip it and rip it’ in the College Arm Wrestling Championship Semifinals!

College girl beats male TV host in arm wrestling

Watch University of Connecticut freshman arm wrestler from UConn, Jaclyn Paride, on PIX11-TV New York Morning Show as she beats morning show host Kori Chambers in an arm wrestling match.

Jaclyn Paride Full Interview and Promos on PIX11-TV

Watch UConn freshman – College Arm Wrestling League arm wrestler Jaclyn Paride arm on WPIX11-TV with morning show hosts Kori Chambers and Lisa Mateo.

Jaclyn Paride vs. WPIX Channel 11 NYC host Kori Chambers Friday 7/18 – 8:15am!

TeamJaclyn-JaclynParideTUNE IN to WPIX Channel 11 NYC Morning News Friday, July 18 in the 8:15 AM segment to see undefeated, coed college arm wrestler Jaclyn Paride from UConn arm wrestle the hosts!

Can she beat #PIX11NEWS
buff & burly Kori Chambers?!

He’s going to be a tough challenger! #TeamJackie

If you live outside the WPIX NYC viewing area, you can watch the live stream at – the live link will be in red at the upper left when the show is on. Jackie’s in the 8:15 AM segment.

Watch the Championship Finals this Saturday, July 5th, 1-2pm on ESPN2

Tune in to ESPN2 this Saturday – July 5th – from 1 to 2pm ET. Watch guys and girls ‘grip it and rip it’ in the College Arm Wrestling Championship Finals!

Tune in to ESPN2 – Saturday, 7/5 @ 1-2pm ET

Tune in this Saturday, July 5 – to the CAWL To Arms Championship Finals on ESPN2, 1-2pm ET.

Photo Highlights: Syracuse Coeds vs. UConn Coeds!

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